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Confused about Moraine Lake Road?

Report Submitted by RainerA
(trip) Date: Monday Nov 20, 2023

Submitted: Monday Nov 20, 2023 at 16:12


Wife and I


Skied Moraine Lake Rd today in great conditions. Sunny, calm and mild. The road was groomed and trackset on Saturday. From the photo you can see it is still in great shape. If you read todays Trail Conditions on the Banff Park website it says Caution! Vegetation removal project has been extended and track setting will resume once complete. We saw no evidence that the work has been continued, maybe they will start tomorrow.

Total distance: 20.00 Km

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2023-11-20 at 16:58 - comment by chuckley

Superb conditions all the way on Moraine Lake Road.
But watch out for the Clark's Nutcracker at the turnaround. It is very aggressive, trying to steal your food, compared to the Canada Jays.

Conditions at 9km turnaround on Moraine Lake Road

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