Lake Louise Tidbits

Trip date: Saturday Nov 18, 2023

Submitted by SkierRoger



I received a quick note from an anonymous skier this morning. Here are a few tidbits of information:

Stopped at Moraine on departure & groomers are there now flat packing. Expect flat packed for tomorrow unknown/unlikely if there will be a classic track until the snow sets up.

Friendly reminder that parking on Lake Louise drive is prohibited for reasons of road safety/public safety/law enforcement responses; ambulances/fire engine sized vehicles need to be assured of road width space to access Chateau parking lots, which necessitates that highway speed plows need enough space to clear the road before them at any time.

Lots of parking at Chateau and it is an easy slide down the hill to the 1A and or Moraine. Your emergency service providers thank you.