Bill Milne, Evan Thomas, Wedge Connector

Trip date: Saturday Dec 03, 2022

Submitted by Mike W


Me and 6 other Ramblers


Seeing how rarely Bill Milne is in excellent shape, a group of us decided to take advantage of the recent snowfall, grooming, and warmer weather to ski Bill Milne out and back from Ribbon Creek parking, including looping around Evan-Thomas and Wedge Connector. I hadn't skate skied yet this season, so decided to give them (and me) a workout.

Our crack of 11 arrival at Ribbon Creek greeted us with sunny skies, -6C, and a somewhat chilly south breeze. The trackset and skate lane were both in excellent shape. Photos #1 & #3. And best of all, there's now a solid crossing of Evan-Thomas Creek! Photo #2.