Bit Off a Fair Amount Today at PLPP

Trip date: Saturday Dec 03, 2022

Submitted by SkierRoger



Kudos to the many hardy soles who braved last week’s frigid temperatures. Motivated by the warmer conditions, I decided it was time for me to stretch my legs.

I left a -9 degree Boulton Creek parking lot and headed up Moraine to Fox Creek. Both are skier trackset. I’m always stunned at the beauty of Fox Creek, with the narrow corridors and picturesque bridges.

At the Elk Pass junction I met Neil, Patty and JohnSwamp from the Norseman Ski Club. A couple of ladies too, out for their first time this year.

I took Hydroline to Lookout, then went up and over the top towards Pocaterra. Hydroline is nicely trackset. The Lookout trails are well groomed now. Beautiful, clear views up top today. No wind, but still chilly. There is one tree down on Lookout South, so please be careful. I did my best to move it to the side.

Pocaterra took me to Packers and back towards the car. Packers was interesting: only skier trackset and really quite a challenge with all the crazy ups and downs. I found it fun, although I have to admit I did hit the dirt once.