Cascade new trackset

Trip date: Friday Dec 02, 2022

Submitted by Rick B




Had a little time to do a quick ski in the Banff area today. Chose Cascade fire road because I thought it would be sunniest. The sun was too low to get much but I lucked into fresh trackset!

First part of the big hill was thinnish with wiggly tracks but it quickly improved with the best snow I've seen this year. I was the first skier on the new tracks beyond the campground and I suspected the groomer was still out there as the tracks were still soft. Sure enough, he passed me at the top of the big hill as I bundled up for the downhill run.

-20 at 1:30, warming up to a balmy -18 by 3:30. Yesterday's green wax was a little slow but not bad.

Surprised not to encounter the ubiquitous Chuck as I've run into him on every ski in Banff NP this year, even if it was just a holler on a downhill!