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2024-05-19 at 18:26 - comment by aqua toque

Thanks for the link Steve. I do believe I stumbled upon some of the flagging for this ambtious project recently and it is featured near the end (1:47) of one of my video productions:


On a side note, I was surprised to see that Friends Of Kananaskis doesn't seem to have a swag dept for fundraising. I mean, seriously? A decent marketing dept could have a heyday with that acronym!

2024-05-19 at 07:40 - comment by SteveR

Agree with Sid about Prairie Creek, Powderface holds the snow much better. The west 3.5 km of Powderface Creek trail is slated for a major upgrade this summer, which might make it more ski-friendly (there are currently a couple of very rocky steep hills). That might increase foot traffic beyond Prairie Link (but also pack in more of a base?). Key is to get on it soon after a dump.

2024-05-18 at 23:23 - comment by Normand

Thanks a lot MaSid for the advice, which I will keep in mind when planning a LT ski outing next year. Hopefully, any skier can benefit of a fresh snow dump in the area, before any foot traffic close to the road. Certainly some impressive avalanche chutes to be seen in places along those creek gorges, especially Prairie Creek.

2024-05-18 at 21:33 - comment by MaSid

Thanks for the report Normand. I adjusted plans accordingly, stayed away from north facing. Mostly no snow on the trails today on the north side of WBC. But wet still. Normand, the best option for touring in that area may be powderface creek all the way to the north side of powderface ridge. It’s well shaded and holds snow. Can be done on LT gear for a proficient skier. Just gotta hit the right conditions window. Prairie link sees lots of foot traffick and is not as good on the south side for skis. Past the link is usually betted ski travel up powderface, less hikers.

Lots of snow for scouting a ski-tour

Report Submitted by Normand
(trip) Date: Friday May 17, 2024

Submitted: Friday May 17, 2024 at 21:05




Today’s hike (yes not on skis, although rock skis would have been ok to use) was more than rewarding, in spite wet snow at first. Hiked a loop along Prairie Creek, Prairie Link and PowderFace Creek trails, with up to 15 cm of fresh snow on the highlands of Prairie Link. Broke trail all long, except for some boot prints within a kilometer from the PFace Crk parking lot. Nice winter sceneries. A must ski tour next year, conditions allowing.

Total distance: 12.30 Km

Starting out on Prairie Creek Trail, with 2-4 cm of fresh wet snow.

More snow as started to climb.

Not many trees left to burn in those avalanche chutes.

A good 10 cm of freshies in the upper part of Prairie Creek

Bridge over Prairie Creek, before the long climb up Prairie Link. Thanks

Measured 13-15 cm of fresh snow on the Prairie Link Trail; can’t wait to ski up and down next season.

Reaching the junction with PowderFace Creek Trail, going CCW.

Last bridge of the outing, crossing PowderFace Creek, about 2 km from the highway.

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