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2023-04-25 at 12:07 - comment by aqua toque

Thanks for the increased photo capacity. Looking forward to trying it out.

Yes, the comment work around was fine but being the first to comment on one's own trip report just seemed so vain!

2023-04-25 at 10:30 - comment by SkierRoger

Hey Mike.
On the Main Page, I've gone ahead and reduced the number of Posts that gets displayed initially. Clicking the "Show More" button towards the bottom will bring up additional ones. Hopefully that improves the responsiveness of the website.

The Comments page is handled a bit differently. I'll have to to think about the best way to implement your excellent suggestion...

2023-04-24 at 20:32 - comment by Mike W

Roger - Thanks for your recent upgrades, especially being able to have photos within the body of the post and more photos. Usually I only have one or two photos in my posts, but I know the Little B's will be delighted! They usually process their photos down to about 0.5MB from the original 2MB before uploading, but I don't know if 0.5MB is considered a large file.

Also, I've noticed that the "Home and Trip Reports" page and the "Comments" page are slow to load. I suspect this is due to the large number of photos that have to load on those pages. In particular, the "Comments" page includes every photo that everyone posted in a comment this winter. This may be impacting other users trying to view or upload posts. I suggest reducing the number of Posts/Comments that get displayed initially, and have a "Show More" button at the bottom of both pages (currently only on the "Home and Trip Reports" page).

Thanks for all your great work this winter!

2023-04-24 at 18:29 - comment by SkierRoger

For those wanting to load numerous pictures to your trip report, large picture files combined with limited wifi may cause the system to timeout. A solution is to load a few pics at a time, then edit-in & add some more.

Website Upgrade: More Pictures with Discussion Options

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Monday Apr 24, 2023

Submitted: Monday Apr 24, 2023 at 14:58



Still amazed with Sara M's multiday ski report.
Great job Sara, simply fantastic!

In response to aqua toque's earlier request to see more pictures, I've managed to double the amount of photos you can attach to each trip report. Those with technical talents have already discovered that simply commenting on your own posts allows you to add pics (tricky).

The rumour is that Helen Read has a new laptop. We'd love to see some of your pictures, Helen!

In addition, I've followed up on Mike W & the Little Bs LONG TIME request for the ability to place pictures within the discussion text. Apologies, Mike for taking so long on that 😳
Thanks for all your great ideas.

The report input form is now colour coded to (hopefully) make it easier to post reports.

PS. There was previously a bug in the Edit Comment section related to pictures. Fixed now, I think...

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