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2022-12-29 at 08:53 - comment by HenryL

I meant "Powder Pioneers: The Story of Skiing in the Rocky and Columbia Mountains", Chic Scott, 2005.

2022-12-29 at 08:45 - comment by HenryL

Alf is so talented on skis. He's like a cat.
I recall that he would choose any method of getting down the hill that suited his fancy, be it schussing straight down, telemarking, or carving parallel turns, depending on snow conditions.

Below is probably the worst photo I have taken that didn't get thrown away. That's because it was of Alf, and also an action shot doesn't have to be perfect. It was an attempt at panning. It doesn't compare with the one in Telemark Journal.

Coming down from Bow Summit, Alf decided to build a ski jump. We are talking 75mm 3-pin bindings on touring skis. Alf was the only one who could keep his skis fuzzy side down.

Thanks Roger for letting me do some Christmas reminiscing. It came about because I found that our library has an e-copy of Chic Scott's "Ski Pioneers", which I am reading. A section is devoted to Alf.

Alf ski jumping at Bow Summit, circa 1983.

Kim trying too. Ouch!

2022-12-28 at 23:41 - comment by SteveR

Capturing a rare moment of Alf looking like he wasn't born on skis!
Blame it on the misery sticks.
I'll say one thing about that era though- untracked powder skiing was a lot easier to find, especially once the SD road was opened in winter.

Blast from the past - Alf flying on Kastle Trail LW skis

Report Submitted by HenryL
(trip) Date: Wednesday Dec 28, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 28, 2022 at 09:08


Below is a link to a photo from the Telemark Journal Facebook page of Alf.
I believe that the photo was posted by Pat Morrow.
It's dated 1979.

I want to make this photo known because Alf is such a big contributor to this site.

I find that this action photo epitomizes Alf's adventurous attitude and athleticism while on skis. And we remember the hair! The only thing missing in this photo is a camera dangling off his neck.

Photo of Alf Skrastins on Kastle Trail LW skis - 1979 - photo by Pat Morrow?

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