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2023-01-08 at 06:28 - comment by MaSid

Yes Dave. You can reach me by email: martin at calgaryclimbing dot com

2023-01-06 at 18:53 - comment by Diredale


I was wondering if you would like me to guide you through making your own continuous loop bow string? I feel that continuous loop would be better for your recurve.

To answer a question or two, I would suggest a 12 to 14 strand string. Would start with a bowstring that is 3” shorter than your string groove to string groove measurement, and adjust to get the brace height you need.

Waiting your reply,


2022-12-31 at 18:46 - comment by Diredale

I will post here after the weekend and gather some additional info. Would be glad to make a string up. Or better yet, I could help you to make a continuous loop string. Continuous loop would be better on your recurve. Would be better to make it with the bow available to test fit. I am in Calgary if you are interested.

Such a cool project. Hope it shoots well!!


2022-12-24 at 17:56 - comment by MaSid

That would be fantastic Dave! I tried making the none-Flemish version? A continuous multi-strand loop, not sure what they call it. But very finicky to manage with my terrible close up eye sight, even with making a proper bow string jig and a serving string spool. Good fun nonetheless. Not sure how many strands I would need. Depends on string diameter, pull weight? I’m guessing it’d be no more than 35 lbs, definitely not 45. Length is approx. 60”, but will measure more accurately. Nock to nock, and limb width at nock? Sure would be great to test the darn thing out (with appropriate face protection!). In exchange, you are welcome to the jig and spool I made.

2022-12-24 at 16:53 - comment by Diredale

If you want a bowstring I make Flemish Twist strings. If interested, all you need to let me know is length and number of strands. Would be glad to contribute a free string to a cool project.

Merry Christmas,


2022-12-21 at 11:51 - comment by MaSid

Never got that far in the thinking Arie, so thanks for that. Carbon fibre would be the ticket though, smooth and light. If only the ski poles were skinnier.

2022-12-20 at 11:48 - comment by Arie

Cool. Now you could McGyver some arrows from some old bamboo ski poles.

2022-12-19 at 20:40 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Oh crap. Now I will have to worry about arrows flying through the air out skiing rather than just bugs in the spring.

There is some great talent and minds within the Skier Roger Reporting Nation.

2022-12-19 at 18:56 - comment by MaSid

Indeed AT! If only there was a ski designed for such. Never heard of one, but Quite possible. Take them off, bolt together, shoot, put them back on. None of this compressed air stuff.

2022-12-19 at 18:39 - comment by aqua toque

Very innovative.

There is serious potential here for a new Winter Olympic sport.  A type of archery-based biathlon if you will whereby competitors ski the course with a quiver of arrows.  Upon arrival at the shooting range the skis are removed and assembled into a bow.  After the requisite volley of arrows the competitor performs take down of the ski bow and continues on the course.

SLC 2030?

2022-12-19 at 16:09 - comment by Sara M

Oh, that's VERY cool! I hope it works!

Upcycling old skis

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Monday Dec 19, 2022

Submitted: Monday Dec 19, 2022 at 13:20


Not a trip report, slightly off topic, but an interesting project utilizing worn out skis while the temps are uninviting. More of a challenging art piece than a real bow. Untested (it’s hard to make a bow string), but perhaps it would work as a toy or for target practice. Making proper laminated bow limbs is super challenging, pretty messy and requires some serious clamping apparatus (usually a sealed fire hose with an air nozzle for inflation in a moulded housing) and a heat box for curing big enough to hold the whole clamping apparatus. Hence the skis.

Old atomic skinny skis, ash riser.

Camo duct tape to cover the shiny paint job, maple string knocks, insert nuts and thumb screws.

Full take down recurve bow. Alignment pins and dampening rubber. No tools required for assembly.

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