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2022-10-27 at 11:25 - comment by SkierRoger

Note that the deadline for public response to the West Bragg Creek Trails Master Plan has been extended to November 16, 2022.

An email I received today said the following:

" We are extending the deadline for feedback on the trails plan. We have received over 300 survey responses, which is great, but we felt an extension was fair given we have had a social media pause during the transition to a new Premier and have not been able to send out our regular social media posts. We are extending the deadline for public comment to Nov. 16, 2022. Please let your networks know. "

2022-10-24 at 20:09 - comment by Mike W

To add to Roger's comment, the plan says "Loggers, Middle Crystal Line, Mountain View, Moose Connector and Moose Loop will be authorized for skate ski grooming once the trails are upgraded to 6m width." This should reduce the impact of skate skiers unable or unwilling to avoid damaging the classic tracks. It will also create longer skating loops such as East Crystal - Loggers - Mountain View - Mountain Road - Mountain View West - Moose Loop - Moose Connector - West Crystal.

The other notable change is a proposed trail just to the west of and alongside East Telephone, between the Disconnect and Long Distance junctions. It will separate skier traffic from other (primarily fatbike) traffic that often trashed the tracksetting within a couple of hours. The situation was getting so bad that BCT was considering abandoning tracksetting Telephone Loop altogether. So this is great news not only for skiers, but also for the fatbikers, other users, and last but not least the grooming crew who would see their hard work destroyed in hours.

I highly recommend everyone review the plan and fill out the survey. It even includes the opportunity to drop pins on an interactive map where you can add location-specific comments!

West Bragg Creek Trails Master Plan Engagement
Interactive Map

2022-10-24 at 18:22 - comment by SkierRoger

I’ve had a chance to review the West Bragg Creek Trails Master Plan information. It’s clear that a fair amount of of thought has gone into the plan. However, from what I see, you should not expect a significant expansion to the XC ski system. A total of 18 Km’s of new trails are planned, but most of that is geared towards Hiking, Biking, Snowshoe & equestrian.

Any new trails are designed with the following in mind:
• Existing density of trails network
• Potential impact to ecosystems
• Desire to maintain safety and quality of recreation

For cross country skiing, the idea seems to be to work with the existing trail system. Some trails are to be upgraded to 6m wide to accommodate skate and classic ski tracks.

Public feedback will be accepted to Nov 2nd only on this plan.

Refined version following Mike's comments

West Bragg Creek Trails Master Plan Engagement: Invitation to Participate in Phase 2

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Tuesday Oct 04, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Oct 04, 2022 at 08:36


Alberta Environment and Parks, in partnership with Bragg Creek Trails, has launched Phase 2 of engagement on the West Bragg Creek Trails Master Plan; an update to the All Seasons Trail Plan (2010) for the West Bragg Creek Trail System, located within the West Bragg Creek Provincial Recreation Area and Kananaskis Public Land Use Zone.

Albertans, trail users, key stakeholders, and Indigenous communities were invited to provide input into development of the plan between December 2021 and January 2022, and now are invited to provide input into finalization of the plan.

This second phase of engagement is active until November 2, 2022. Interested members of the public are invited to review the draft West Bragg Creek Trails Master Plan, and participate in a survey to provide feedback about it.

A link to the draft plan and their website is available below:

West Bragg Creek Trails Master Plan Engagement

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