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Contest: Name that ski trail in summer!

Report Submitted by aqua toque
(trip) Date: Monday Jun 24, 2024

Submitted: Monday Jun 24, 2024 at 21:02


Open to everyone unless your name contains "a","l" or "f" in that order.

Name that ski trail!

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2024-06-24 at 21:32 - comment by Helen Read

HOW'S THAT FOR DISCRIMINATION ALF? I would not have a clue having been laid up with new hip recovery for close to x 2 months.

2024-06-25 at 17:22 - comment by SkierRoger

I’m going to say Aspen at Ribbon Creek. Far from certain though…

2024-06-25 at 19:46 - comment by MaSid

I’ll wade in with a guess. Moose connector heading across mountain road to hit moose loop.

2024-06-25 at 20:08 - comment by aqua toque

We have a weiner!
Yes, that's it!

If it's any consolation Roger you were certainly far from correct. :)

2024-06-25 at 20:57 - comment by Alf Skrastins

OK, then. What is the name of this ski trail?

Guess which trail this is.

2024-06-26 at 06:07 - comment by aqua toque

Hmmm...not sure. It looks as though it could be somewhere that offenders are sent to do community service.

So that might narrow it down.

Community Sentences

2024-06-26 at 14:45 - comment by MaSid

Looks like loggers territory maybe?

2024-06-27 at 11:26 - comment by Arie

Iron Creek?

2024-06-27 at 16:25 - comment by aqua toque

A. Skrastins to the white courtesy phone.

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