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Never say never......

Report Submitted by Diana Piggott
(trip) Date: Friday May 03, 2024

Submitted: Friday May 03, 2024 at 20:58


Yours truly


If yesterday was Christmas at West Bragg, I guess today was Boxing Day. Certainly lots more people were out enjoying the extra snow.

I was surprised to be the first in the parking lot at 8:15, with the sun already feeling rather warm. However, yesterday's tracks were very crunchy, and I was also surprised to find a somewhat supportive crust in places.

I skied up Sundog West, on a mostly supportive crust, and no other tracks in sight. Then turning onto Loggers, only one old set of tracks, and still some half-decent crust.
I met the "grooming" at West Crystal, and followed it west to Moose Connector, then Mountain Road back to parking. By 10 am the sun was very hot, and exposed snow getting very mushy.

Apparently I missed meeting a whole bunch of celebrities on the trails today!

Total distance: 7.00 Km

West Crystal split near parking lot - tracks too crunchy to follow

Bridge on Sundog West looking different, and I stepped around the corner to avoid disaster!

Shameless selfie on Sundog, but you can see my nice tracks :-)

Tiny pussy toes on Loggers? Anyone missing a cat??

Where Loggers became Sloggers :P

Loggers meets West Crystal and some very crunchy "grooming"

Wetlands beside Mountain Road

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2024-05-03 at 21:14 - comment by SkierRoger

Sorry to have missed you Diana

2024-05-04 at 07:25 - comment by Helen Read

Great report Diana, the phrase "When Logger's became Slogger's" has your name on it!!! Maybe we'll run into each other at the "back door" next year. Ma Sid, hope your sore throat gets better soon!!!

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