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Nakiska might have been nice

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Friday May 03, 2024

Submitted: Friday May 03, 2024 at 15:07


Would have been a good time to skin up nakiska for some mashed potatoes (officially closed for the season), and later, maybe some corn. But, seems they have been driving around piling stuff up instead of leaving it pristine, possibly trying to minimize utilization of all that snow. Unfortunate.

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2024-05-03 at 17:41 - comment by GordN

Apologies...mashed potatoes? What have I missed out on?

2024-05-03 at 17:58 - comment by MaSid

Imagine skiing through actual mashed potatoes: heavy, wet, sticky. Once it goes through a few melt freeze cycles, might get some corn snow after it settles out if the timing is right, especially over top of a seasons worth or grooming.

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