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PLPP Lower Trails

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 16, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Nov 16, 2023 at 20:42


JoLynn and I


Many thanks to Diana Piggott and Gord F for your Monday and Tuesday reports detailing the great snow AT PLPP.

JoLynn and I were somewhat tardy this morning and I was quite sure we had missed our backdoor opportunity (small parking lot). No worries: we decided to checkout the lower trails near Pocaterra hut. We were the only car in the parking lot.

It was a beautiful, blue ski day with some great snow. Didn’t see a sole at all.

We started up Pocaterra and investigated Come Along trail. Neither of these were snowmobile packed but they did show a thin remnant of a skier trackset on a previous day.

Lynx looked like it hadn’t been skied at all this year, so we broke trail up to Woolley junction where we saw signs of some earlier snowshoer's. Those tracks didn’t last long, so we were back to trail breaking... We hopped over 2 fallen trees on Lynx and two more on Woolley.

We found the shorter Meadow route to be closed due to bear activity, so we hung a left at the junction and investigated Braille and Lodgepole trails back to the parking lot.

Dusted off tracks on lower Pocaterra trail

Pocaterra Beauty

Lunch time

Lynx: time to get to work! Actually, it wasn't difficult, the snow was light and fluffy.

Meadow Trail close due to bear activity

Double checking...

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2023-11-16 at 21:02 - comment by SkierRoger

As a follow-up to our Pocaterra trip today, I thought I would show a few slides which describe the person whom the Pocaterra hut is named after, and of course his lovely opera singer wife!

A bit of history

2023-11-16 at 21:55 - comment by SteveR

it was a glorious day, no matter what trail you were on! Where the Back Door joins Pocaterra, the full width packing and good skiing conditions continued north towards Packers but we didn't go far that way. Was any packing evident on Pocaterra at the Lynx junction? WhiskeyJack had a single fresh sno-mo track, as did Tyrwhitt, when we skied back from Lookout at mid-afternoon.

2023-11-16 at 22:09 - comment by SkierRoger

Hey Steve.

Nope. Didn’t see any signs of packed trails anywhere.

2023-11-17 at 07:15 - comment by Gord F

Thanks for the info. I was curious about the snowpack on those lower trails, now we know. Cheers

2023-11-17 at 07:32 - comment by KenH

Thanks Diane et al for Pocaterra reports. Did anyone per chance notice if the wifi in Pocaterra Hut is working?

2023-11-17 at 08:04 - comment by SkierRoger

As per you earlier post, Ken, my intent was to test the wifi at Pocaterra. However, I forgot the password (I now see that it’s “kananaskis”). The hut was locked.

2023-11-17 at 22:15 - comment by Diana Piggott

Thank you for checking out the trails! Too bad the Pocaterra Hut was locked - any idea when it will open?
I have read The Diva and the Rancher - fascinating book!

2023-11-18 at 18:28 - comment by SkierRoger

I don’t know when the Pocaterra Hut will be open, Diana. I called the Kananaskis Information Centre today to find out. They are looking into it…

2023-11-21 at 11:58 - comment by MaSid

As to pocaterra hut opening date, likely just after first grooming or when VIC opens Dec 1, whichever comes first. In the interim, if no wifi at the hut while it’s closed, should be accessible at the VIC while closed (according to their web site). Never had much luck though with either when doing a trip report with photos.


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