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Picnic At The Fire Lookout

Report Submitted by SteveR
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 16, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Nov 16, 2023 at 17:32


Jo and I


It was a perfect day to lunch at the Fire Lookout, taking the easy way via the Back Door.

Very good skier tracked conditions (thanks Helen!) on a blue wax day, with about 6 cm dry new snow over wall to wall packing on Pocaterra.

Snowmobile tracked to either side on Tyrwhitt, with a ridge of soft snow in between.

Lookout "grooming" was the same as Tyrwhitt, where we put on our kicker skins to make the ascent easier in the slippery new snow. No herringboning for us! The sometimes rough and narrow snowmobile tracks with the mound of soft snow in between (where poles often hit the ground) had us a bit concerned about the descent, but it turned out to be trouble free, although no style points were earned.

One of a few blasts of wind as we ascended.

The view south. The one skier in front of us continued onwards, but we descended back the way we had come up, on the north side.

Fortunately, light winds and zero at the top, for an extended lunch. The picnic table snow gauge shows the nearly 40 cm snowpack.

Kananaskis Lakes panorama. Yes, a perfect day to be up here!

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2023-11-16 at 20:09 - comment by Gord F

Looks like another great day on the trails from backdoor. I’m thinking it must have been pretty challenging to stay upright on the way down from the lookout. Good work.

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