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GREAT DIVIDE - Cold Fresh Snow and Blue Skies

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 16, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Nov 16, 2023 at 17:25


Inspired by Sara M and Chuckley's report of extensive travels at Lake Louise, we decided to sample the area again.
It was our first ski on pure classic skis for the season. Blue kick wax worked well starting at minus 8 and ending at minus 3.
Ski teams from Saskatchewan got an early start, and were so happy with the ski conditions. Everybody was very considerate in sharing the single trackset. Surprisingly, the only track set by machine is on the side near the sled dog route. Hopefully a second track will be set by the Parks team, now that Rainer has removed the offending twigs.
It was a very social occasion, and wonderful to reconnect with ski friends from last year... even if I failed to remember so many names!

Thanks to the kind loan of a truck... we can ski from the trailhead parking lot!

Single trackset only

Rainer has decided to cut out the twigs which would interfere with a second machine track... THANK YOU

Sorry that I didn't click on Jeremy's perfect kick and glide technique

Peter enjoys the packed skate lane

Time to head home.

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2023-11-16 at 21:24 - comment by Carole

Great to ski by you, Chuck!

Rainer, I noticed the twig removal job between my ski last week and my outing today! Fantastic!

I was inspired by Sara to ski up the Tramline then along the Great Divide. I did a short loop of the Lower Telemark through the twigs. There are no big hazards on the upper section except for short consecutive bumps in the snow; kind of fun but best to keep some control of our skis.

Twiggy Lower Telemark


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