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Keep Going(accessing Skogan Pass through Nakiska)

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Friday Dec 02, 2022

Submitted: Friday Dec 02, 2022 at 22:25


I had a fantastic day of skiing on the Ribbon Creek trails. Ray has provided an excellent report on Skogan Pass so I'll talk about some other stuff.

If you are accessing Skogan Pass on Hidden trail(and not veering onto Lower Skogan), you need to ski for 600 metres through the Nakiska downhill area. If you haven't done it before, it's a bit challenging to know where to go, so I hope I can help you with these instructions.

As you reach the end of the tracksetting on Hidden, you'll see the Nakiska resort straight ahead. Today, I had to take my skis off for about 50 metres because the snow was full of large chunks of ice. Not sure why they would leave it like that as it could be dangerous.

As you start skiing, look for the sign on the Olympic chairlift and head that direction. When you reach the chairlift, you might see a big "Closed" sign. Keep Going.

Ski down the run and look for the XC skier sign on your right. From this sign, the xc trail is 150 metres ahead on your left. It's not easy to see, but there is a groomed and trackset trail heading into the trees. From here, it's about 200 metres to the Hidden/Skogan/Ruthie's junction. You'll cross another Nakiska run on the way.

When you see this sign, keep going.

As the grooming ends on Hidden, you enter the Nakiska downhill area.

Start skiing through the base of Nakiska.

Head for the Olympic chairlift sign.

As you ski down the run, watch for this sign. The xc trail starts on your left in 150 metres.

Pick up the xc trail here. Watch closely as you could easily miss it. There was a sign here at one time but it has disappeared.

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2022-12-02 at 23:03 - comment by Bob Truman

Further to Mike's comment, here's another photo of the Powderface slope. I'm standing on the Hidden trail where it shows the sign in Mike's photo.

2022-12-02 at 22:53 - comment by Mike W

Following Bob's last photo, you cross the Powderface downhill ski slope - see my photo. The trail continues at the far right of the photo, where you can just see a trail sign. The big snow mountain on your left is the landing zone of a terrain feature where skiers and snowboarders can catch big air and land on top of you while you ski across. Watch out!

Why did the XC skier cross the downhill ski slope? To get to the XC trail on the other side! (Photo from March 2022.)


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