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PLPP - Elk Pass

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Wednesday Nov 30, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Nov 30, 2022 at 17:43


Just lonely ol' me.


Got to the Elk Pass parking lot just before 0900. Skied Elk Pass trail to Hydroline to Patterson, and back. Elk and Patterson fully groomed and trackset, with anywhere from one to five cm of tight, blown snow predominantly in the tracks. It made for slow-ish going, but it was beautiful nonetheless. Forecast was for -22, but it was -16 at the trailhead, and the same when I left at noon. It was still snowing when I left, with winds of about 30 km/hr, gusting easily to 50, so I don't know what the tracks will be like tomorrow, if they aren't refreshed. Hydroline was a bit of a mess, with packed, blown snow.

Overall conditions where a lot of fun, and I can't remember when I've had that much control on hills before.

Saw 3 people all day, including Helen Read! Definitely a good day!

Elk Pass trail near Elk Pass parking lot

Elk Pass Trail

Bottom of Blueberry - I could have sworn there were mountains around here the last time I was here...

Climbing to Elk Pass

Looking back on Hydroline


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2022-11-30 at 20:53 - comment by SkierRoger

Pictures taken by Helen Read…


The sign was at the top of Hydroline Hill.

2022-11-30 at 20:45 - comment by SkierRoger

I’d be happy to post a picture for you Helen. And very willing to show you how to include photos in your trip reports.

2022-11-30 at 19:29 - comment by Helen Read

Great running into you Ray this morning. We both seem to like early starts and I enjoyed fresh grooming on Moraine and Fox from where I parked. Think you gave me good advise not heading into the wind up Hydroline, so just enjoyed Patterson, and then took in Hydroline Hill that had beautiful untouched corduroy. Might send your picture to Skier Roger. I am too tired to figure this photo challenge out tonight. Keep that snow a coming'. Didn't feel like -18 at all.


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