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PLPP recent grooming

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Wednesday Nov 30, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Nov 30, 2022 at 15:00


Just noticed on-line that all the new snow in the elk pass area/blueberry/Patterson etc was groomed in and track set yesterday. But not hydroline and tyrwhit yet (maybe next couple days?). Should be bomber tracks, but likely filled in again.

Heading to court tomorrow to fight a ticket I got for not realizing my annual pass had expired a couple weeks earlier. No warning/finger wag realizing I was a prior annual pass holder or opportunity to rectify by purchasing the next annual pass (the fine is twice the price of an annual pass). Enforcement is provided on contract by a private corporation. We will see how that goes and report back. Seems to be a lack of reasonable warning system for a new program, which makes it smell a bit funny.

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2022-12-01 at 14:18 - comment by MaSid

Thanks Mike. Good suggestions. I purchased my Kananaskis pass in person at barrier lake, no offer of a reminder option. Will get them to add that to my latest pass if they can.

Jan, thanks for the info. Should be helpful. My offence date was oct 18, so must have stopped doing warnings just before that based on your experience.

Anyone have experience successfully dealing with a fine?

All that happened today was entering a “not guilty” plea to initiate a yet to be determined court date to hear my case. Terrible driving to get to the Canmore courthouse in time. Very low visibility and a bit icy. Eastbound Hwy 1 near deadman’s was closed at 830 for a bit while they pulled a Couple of semis out of the ditch. Better on the way back after 10.

2022-12-01 at 08:00 - comment by Jan

I have refused to purchase a K Pass for reasons previously discussed by others on this board and elsewhere. On a trip back from Banff NP in Oct I stopped at Grotto Lake to use the outhouse. When I emerged from the outhouse there was a brand new white SUV with a very expensive paint job across both sides reading 'Kananaskis Pass'...that is where your pass fees are going, probably part of the fee to the private company that has the contract to monitor pass use. Within the week, I received a notice in the mail, a warning rather than a ticket, thank goodness. You need a K pass to use an outhouse...and how many toilets exist on the 1A between Cochrane and Canmore? I will ski on the 'free days' until we get a more equitable solution with a change in government.

Hope you are successful in your court appearance, MaSid.

2022-11-30 at 20:36 - comment by Mike W

The website currently lets you request a reminder: "I would like to receive annual expiry notifications and periodic e-newsletters from Alberta Parks, sent to my email address used for the Kananaskis Conservation Pass." Scroll to the bottom of the pass payment page at

Your best bet may be to bring proof that you bought an annual pass previously (e.g. confirmation email or credit card statement) and say that you signed up for a reminder but never received one. And you've talked to others that never received a reminder.

FYI Parks is using our Pass fees to fund this private company instead of funding Kananaskis infrastructure and services. Best solution is to vote in the NDP in May who've promised to cancel the Park Pass program.

2022-11-30 at 16:58 - comment by MaSid

Apparently they stopped doing reminders and warnings after a while. Just didn’t work out with timing of my pass. A new system requires longer period of warning. At BNP, if you drive up sunshine road for example without a park pass or a recently expired one, and there happens to be a parks staffer checking passes, you can at least purchase one (but not with a private company doing it). Same with being parked somewhere, you get a warning with the option to rectify immediately. It’s an unreasonable approach going with the full slap right off the get go, and not good for tourism. Hoping to have the ticket tossed out, or at least some change to the system to be more reasonable and fair other than a cash grab. We will see.

2022-11-30 at 15:37 - comment by Gord F

Just an FYI. Back in May I received a notice that my Kananaskis Pass was due to expire in 30 days. Not sure if this was an automated notice or if I selected to be notified when I purchased the initial pass. Good luck with your ticket.

2022-11-30 at 15:11 - comment by Normand

Really sorry for you MaSid; that's simply insane and abusive they fined you so much. And indeed, no warning was ever given for anyone to renew their pass (well I did not receive any this past spring to renew mine). Kind of wonder if it is done on purpose to abuse of such fines being handed, especially when you already had a pass for last year. Such corporation won't even care about the values to others on your posted reports for snow conditions on the ski trails and front/back country.


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